Orchid Plants


Orchids of every variety thrive in Hawai`i's warm tropical coast and mountain forests. Their alluring beauty makes them the most coveted flowers in the world.
Through research and innovation, orchid cultivation in Hawai`i has reached a level of excellence that sets the standard for the world.
To the florist, the Hawai`i's orchids symbolizes much more. Not just ease of use and length of vase life, but versatility as well. The cascading sprays and delicate beauty of these, the quintessential flower of the tropics, enhance occasions from the everyday to the extravagant.


Hawaii growers offer a large selection of colorful and distinctive cut orchids that includes long full sprays of dendrobiums, elegant phalaenopsis and scented oncidiums. Stylish potted orchids make unique gifts that have incredible long lasting blossoms. Hawai`i grown orchids are available throughout the year.


  • Unpack immediately and place in brightest part of room or near a window that reaches morning or late afternoon sun.
  • Orchids do well in temperatures of 65 - 85 Degrees F.
  • Keep potting media moist, not wet.
  • Mist orchid foliage weekly with a weak solution of water soluble fertilizer (14-14-14 or 30-10-10). Follow instructions on the label.


  • Light - Place plant near window with morning or late afternoon sun. Can be placed outside in summer in partial shade.
  • Moisture - Many of the orchid plants from Hawaii are potted in volcanic cinders, a medium that is excellent in retaining moisture as well as providing air for the roots. Water plant twice a week as needed (do not over water).
  • Replanting - When plant outgrows its pot, re-pot into larger pot. You can use fir bark, coco-chips, and rock as potting material.
  • Temperature - 55 to 85 degrees F. Do not expose to extreme cold.