Potted Plants


Bring paradise indoors with potted flowers and foliage from Hawai`i. The growers specialize in a copious collection to soften, cheer or add impact to any interior space. Hawai`i grown potted dracaenas, palms and bamboo bring spectacular form and drama to homes, restaurants, hotels and commercial buildings.


From seedlings to large specimen foliage plants, Hawai`i grown tropical potted flowers and foliage are world renowned for their exotic perfection. These plants are strong, healthy, and distinctive. They look beautiful for years and grow slowly so they won┬╣t outgrow their space.


  • Hawai`i's foliage plants perform well in low to medium light conditions.
  • Extreme temperature changes can be harmful.
  • Allow approximately the top part of the plant to dry out between watering. Consistency in watering is important.
  • If leaves begin to yellow, reduce watering frequency or check for pests.